Offered by Dr. Kathleen Friend

The Greatness Chair

Avi is a typical boy having an ordinary day full of corrections and negativity by well-meaning grown-ups. When he reaches his limit, and blows up, he ends up in the time out chair where he falls asleep. In his dream, he learns the secret of the Greatness Chair and brings his newfound wisdom back to his parents.

Sarah in the Greatness Chair

When Sarah learns about the Greatness Chair from Avi during show and tell at school, she can’t wait to find her greatness too! But she can’t figure it out. Zoe answers her call for help and teaches her how to find the best in herself and her friends with a secret, surprising formula.

The Greatness Chair Solution

Are you a parent, teacher or therapist who is overwhelmed by the challenges faced in guiding children despite your best efforts? Do you find it hard to handle your own reactions in the face of intense children? Are you trying to stay connected despite physical and emotional exhaustion? Or are you just looking for a way to notch up your success?

Living From the Heart: Heart Rhythm Meditation for Energy, Clarity, Peace, and Inner Power

Living from the Heart is one of the few spiritual books to offer a systematic way to use heart-based meditation in your life; using the energy of the Four Elements (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) present within your body, mind, and heart, you can energize the part of your being that is needed to respond to life’s challenges. Since the time Living from the Heart was first published in 1998, it has emerged as a spiritual classic. This is the book that first revealed the method of Heart Rhythm Meditation in its modern form.

Follow Your Heart: The Map to Illumination

What does it mean to follow your heart? Does it mean to do whatever you like? Your heart is more powerful than you think; your heart can lead you to illumination, if only you have the faith, courage, and insight to follow it. Illumination, the goal of human development and the longing of every heart, means manifesting in your body, mind, personality, and behavior the pure qualities of Love, Harmony, and Beauty, to explore the potentials of all being, and to accomplish the purpose for which you were created, becoming a fully-realized version of yourself.

Energize Your Heart

In this remarkable book, Puran & Susanna Bair describe a powerful, authentic method for giving your heart the energy to heal your heart’s wounds, recognize the greatness within yourself and others, and to be who you truly are. The authors show how the dimensions of the heart contain the keys to developing qualities such as tolerance and cooperation (width), empathy and compassion (depth), idealism and courage (height), sensitivity (receptive), initiative, drive (forward), and inner peace and the ability to embrace change (inner). This book gives you a powerful, three-part method of producing in yourself the change you desire.

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