About Kathleen Friend, MD

My Story

When I was 8, I had a strong heart wish to heal the wounds of the world through music. I thought that if others could feel what I felt when I listened to music, there would be no more war. I now know this was a deep spiritual experience.

Fast forward many years when my choral conductor suggested we read the Mysticism of Sound and Music by Hazrat Inayat Khan if we wanted to truly understand music. This book changed my life and led me to the path of the heart and the birth of the Greatness Chair™. This great spiritual master had a simple message of love, harmony and beauty by seeing the divine in the heart of all beings.

I am a physician, mother, musician and now a children’s author. I practice the Greatness Chair™ with the children who come into my office but I cannot reach enough this way. So, I wrote the Greatness Chair™ to spread this urgent message to families and children on a wider scale. I have seen children blossom when grownups turn their attention and energy from the negative to positive and help the child see who they really are and can become.

I hope this simple idea of the Greatness Chair™ will help spread the culture of the heart and promote love, harmony and beauty in the world.

Kathleen Friend MD

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